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I wrote my first real program in 1992. It was a very simple ZX Spectrum racing game. I became addicted instantly. Now I ran a business based on my addiction. A dream came true 🙂

  • Doug

    What is the current status of the helpinator project? What are your plans for the future of this tool?

    I am interested in Delphi tools that make our projects more time-effective during development and help files are a pain. I will d/l and try out your tool demo if it is going to continue to be supported.
    Many delphi tools are not supported anymore, but we plan on continued long-term use of delphi.

    Thank you-

    • Dmitri Popov

      Helpinator is not a Delphi-only project, help files created with it can be used with any development tool/IDE. So yes, it will continue to evolve 🙂