14 Days: Day #1 –

From years of software development with Delphi I have a boilerplate app with basic open/save project functionality, integrated LiteHelp help system, basic license management. I will use it as a foundation for WeirdWrench. A few mouse clicks, changing values of a couple of constants and we have an app that we can compile and run.

What we need now is an installer. Thank god (and by “god” I of course mean “Jordan Russell”) we have InnoSetup – a magnificent free tool for creating installers. Let’s open it and create an installer for WeirdWrench, it will take no more than a couple of minutes.

There’s a 3rd party IDE for InnoSetup called InnoIDE, though it’s development has been stopped, the latest version is still a viable product. It has a “wizard” mode that guides you through the most important steps required to create an installer. The wizard does not facilitate all the power of InnoSetup but you can later take on it with the IDE itself.

InnoIDE wizard
The welcome page of the wizard
App name and version
Folder to install it to
Main executable and additional files
Start menu and desktop icons
License file
Output installer params
Directives make your life eazier
Finishing the wizard
Now we can click “Compile” and check the installer

You can download the installer of the compiled proto-app from this link: https://weirdwrench.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/weirdwrench.zip

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