14 Days: Day #2 – Putting together a small landing page

1. Domain name.

Nothing fancy here. Nowdays domains are such a widespread merchandise, I beleive you can even buy one along with your hotdog while walking a park on Sunday. I’m a little conservative so I buy domains from NameCheap (no affiliate links here, sorry). They offer an expensive basic hosting plan as well, so I will go for it too. Lucky me, WeirdWrench was available. (Actually I registered that domain slightly beforehand – like a year or so 🙂 Sometimes I register domains that I like for no particular project in mind. So in this case the domain met it’s fate).

2. The landing page

We live in wonderful times when startupship and enterpreneurship is a part of creative culture and the amount of resources you can get (including free ones) is just overwhelming. For the start we do not need an extravagantly designed landing page, we just need it to be mobile-friendly, serve app goal and deliver two call-to-actions (CTAs): download the trial version and subscribe to mailing list of announcements.

You can google for a free landing page template and instantly get a bunch of viable options. Of course, they are not perfect at all, but at the start of your project you do not need to spend time and money and polishing things. You need to deliver the message.

So I ended up with this one: https://startbootstrap.com/previews/small-business/ Needs some tweaks, but it’s OK.

Next we need to set up a mailing list. As I said I’m a little convervative so I prefer MailChimp for this. What I need is an embedded form, but right upon registration they offer only a pop-up form to be created. Finding embedded forms was a kind of tricky, because they lie under “Audience” menu (WTF?) Then you click “Manage audience” next to your audience in the list and select “Signup forms”, then “Embeded”.

Audience – Manage Audience – Signup forms
Embedded forms

The code that MailChimp provides requires styling but I am way too lazy so I googled for a bootstrap template for it: https://gist.github.com/tompec/e32859bf573deef6dc2352bb436b0a88

Just copy URLs and identifiers from your MailChimp-genereated code into it.

Another thing to add to a landing page are social sharing buttons and we will use AddThis buttons, they are easy to install and provide some stats as well. Integration is easy too, it’s just a couple of lines of code.

The same for Google Analytics integration code.

For the image placeholder on the front page I used a brilliant service of free stock images called “Unsplash“. This particular image is by camilo jimenez.

So our basic landing page now looks like this: https://www.weirdwrench.com

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