25 Years of Delphi

History of my relationships with Delphi started in the middle of 1998. I was familiar with Turbo / Borland Pascal already, because it was the primary programming language at my school’s programming classes. We even created our own primitive graphical UI framework for DOS while we were creating a learning assessment application as a graduate test. Yes, it was heavily inspired by Turbo Vision 🙂

Still, I was astonished when a friend of mine showed me Delphi 3. He did drop some buttons and edits on a form, hit F9 and wow! a working Windows app! In a couple of minutes a simple database client app was running too and it was an instant hit. The same day I bought a heavyweight Russian translation of “Mastering Delphi” by Marco Cantu and landed my first job as a database developer somewhat a month later. An incredible career jump in a country suffering heavily from devastating crisis.

I can’t say that our relationships were perfect ever since 🙂 Obviously there were ups and downs, and I’m not particularly happy with the direction our beloved IDE and programming language are moving, but still Delphi played a significant role in my career and personal life as well.

Delphi splash screens collected into a single GIF (created in GIFExplainer)