Delphi Project For Sale: MiniKanban

Hello! In order to cover my latest failure in offline business (read the story on Medium) I raise funds by selling everything 🙂 MiniKanban ( is a Windows desktop app written in Delphi XE2. Had absolutely no time to market it, so I sell it at bare bone development price, without usual extra that accounts […]

Challenge: from idea to the first sale in 14 days with Delphi

Last time I told a bunch of young coders that I am selling a Windows desktop app written in Delphi (it’s Helpinator) my words caused a huge blast of laughter. I was a little angry at first. But then I thought to myself – in times when everything is blockchainy SaaS and React-ive and node.js […]

LiteHelp For Delphi

LiteHelp is a lightweight portable context-sensitive help system for Windows desktop apps. You can read more about it in this post: I also created a Delphi unit that allows to integrate LiteHelp into the context-sensitive help of Delphi VCL. It works pretty much the same way HTMLHelpViewer.pas works – just include it into your […]