Challenge: from idea to the first sale in 14 days with Delphi

Last time I told a bunch of young coders that I am selling a Windows desktop app written in Delphi (it’s Helpinator) my words caused a huge blast of laughter. I was a little angry at first. But then I thought to myself – in times when everything is blockchainy SaaS and React-ive and node.js and docker and kubernetes and a lot of other cool buzzwords, is there still market space for a new desktop app? Obviously it sounds like a challenge and I accepted it right away. So here we go.

I’m going to create a new app with Delphi and march it to the first sale in 14 days.

The idea behind the app is not very revolutionary, in fact it’s just my own itch. I grew tired of WordPress editor and since I already implemented WordPress publishing in Helpinator but for large documentation projects I decided to create a scaled-down editor/blog client tailored at technical article writing that will make it handy to create articles with screenshots, code samples, step-by-step guides and etc, then publish to WordPress, Ghost, Medium, Jekyll, GitHub, Stackoverflow, Wiki and anywhere.

The name for the tool came to me instantly with the idea. I called it Weird Wrench. I like how it sounds, it reflects the technical writing nature of the app, but honestly it was just inspired by the band TOOL.

I do not plan to make long coding marathons, instead I want to finish every day with something actionable that you can play with. So stay tuned.

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