Delphi Helpinator

Delphi Components That I Use In Helpinator

Unfortunately Delphi community is very quiet nowadays, the most loud voices are the voices of criticism, and authors of excellent components do not get the praise that they deserve. In this post I will try to give the proper credit to components that I use in Helpinator.

TRichView (commercial) – an excellent rich editor component. Comes with a set of actions, that you can use to create a rich editor with just a few lines of code. There are also add-on components for XML input/output, a bunch of spellchecker integrations and etc. The product forum contains answers to almost all questions possible and the author is very responsive to requests.

NextGrid (commercial) – a neat grid component that I like a lot. Not overbloated with features like other grid components from large vendors, just does what it has to do for the money. Has “grid” and “slide” layouts, with the latter each line is like a card. There are also specialized column types, like for showing images, HTML and etc.

SimpleGraph (free) – a killer free component from Kambiz R. Khojasteh that allows to create a diagram editor. Very easy to use like other projects of Kambiz, the code itself is pure genius.

PrintPreview (free) – another great free component from Kambiz that allows to create custom print previews.

JVCL & JCL (free) – actually needs no introduction, a fundamental work of Delphi community, covering all aspects of app development, that will live as long as Delphi lives on.

SynPDF and SynGDIPlus (free) – another work of coding genius, Arnaud Bouchez, that did an unimaginable amount of work with mORMot and infrastructure around it. Seriously, if there’s a Hall of Fame for Delphi devs, Arnaud should lead it, along with Kambiz and Angus Johnson.