Delphi Project For Sale: MiniKanban


In order to cover my latest failure in offline business (read the story on Medium) I raise funds by selling everything 🙂

MiniKanban ( is a Windows desktop app written in Delphi XE2. Had absolutely no time to market it, so I sell it at bare bone development price, without usual extra that accounts to the user base and profits. So if you always wanted to have a commercial project on the side just to test yourself in software business area or make your resume more impressive, or join Indie Hackers, this offer may by just for you.

What’s used:

  1. Delphi XE2 + NextCollection from BergSoft + SpTBX + JediVCL + SynGDIPlus. Kanban board is pure VCL.
  2. Installer – InnoSetup
  3. Online Help: LiteHelp for context-sensitive help and WebHelp for help pages on the website.
  4. Protection – homemade Delphi port of SoftwarePassport keys. The protection is very minimalistic for maximum compatibility.

What’s included:

  1. The domain name
  2. Full source code, including license manager, help, installer and build script, website.
  3. Helpinator license so you will be able to continue with LiteHelp
  4. I will help to set up an account at FastSpring so you will be able to accept all possible payment methods and generate keys without worrying about anything.
  5. I will help to transfer the website to your hosting account

Your investments above purchase price:

  1. Domain transfer (less that 10USD)
  2. Hosting account (12USD / year or less)
  3. NextCollection from BergSoft (99 USD)

Price: 900 USD. I can accept ACH or wire transfer (preferred), Credit card or PayPal (less preferred).


P.S. Don’t forget – there’s a 20% off for Delphi devs on Helpinator:

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